Greek online music market is a highly developed sector of the music industry. However in comparison to other countries it is not a grown sector, due to the elliptic information and the illegal downloading.

Greek online music market so far as it concerns the supply is increasing annually. According to IFPI’s Report in 2006 there were six music online retailers. In 2007 four more online retailers were added on the list. In section 1.3 there is a short description of greek online music retailers. The addition to the list of the Greek online retailers, of SONYBMG and Emi, makes clear that the big record labels are making a turn to the digital market in the Greek market.

Unfortunately, there are no statistics concerning the sales and the size of the Greek online market in order to provide a clear view of the market.

IFPI is looking forward for statistics and economics which they will be published as soon as their available.

It is worth mentioning the role of i-Tunes which has turn down to one of the most important retailer worldwide. This is due to the high expansion of sales on i-pods

Finally, concerning the external factors which interact in the size of the music online market we should focus on the illegal downloading and the information. There is no much information in Greece concerning the damage of the illegal downloading. Consumers are not familiar to the online sales of music. Furthermore Greece is a country with a very small number of consumers who purchase commodities via internet.

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