Institute for Research on Music and Acoustics - Greek Music Documentation Centre,

IEMA is founded in 1989 as a non-profit, non-government organization.
The objectives of IEMA include scientific research in the fields of music and sound, music documentation, organisation and diffusion of music information, music education, support of original music creation, musicology, audiovisual applications, promotion of contemporary Greek music and preservation of Greek music heritage.

IEMA has established a permanent cooperative relationship with the Hellenic ministries of Culture, Education, Research and Development. It is a member of the National Music Network, and is currently the most active organization involved in music research, information and documentation in Greece.

IEMA emphasizes on the application of new technologies and the cooperation with European and International Organizations, often as a representative of Greece. Currently, except for DMET project, IEMA is implementing a project on the “Digitisation and promotion of the Greek music heritage” and the “POLYMNIA” research project, concerning the development of innovative software and hardware tools for the music artists and scientists.

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