Music Information Centre Austria ( MICA) - Coordinator

mica is the central communication platform for contemporary Austrian music. One of its main tasks is to increase the dissemination of contemporary repertoires by documentation and information. Organized as an independent expert organization, mica provides all people involved in contemporary music with information, practical knowledge and creative impulses. mica acts as an interface, establishing contacts between creators, multipliers of music, and the interested public in Austria and abroad. On behalf of the Austrian Republic, mica was created in 1994 as an independent non-profit association to support the innovative creation of contemporary music. The most important sponsors of this non-profit organization are the Austrian Republic and the city of Vienna. mica increasingly co-operates with enterprises from the cultural, technological, and economic sectors in public-private partnerships. The services of mica are available to all interested parties, and are free of charge. At present mica is project-leader of the EU-Culture 2000 funded “Digital Music Education and Training (DMET)”.

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